Written Translation
Abu Shaiba Legal Translation  has experienced team of over 150 in-house translators provides all types of general technical and specialized translation services. Our services are not limited to translation from/to English and Arabic; we also translate to and from all other major international languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Abu Shaiba Legal Translation  translates all types of materials including books, brochures, manuals and guides, print media,etc. in addition to website translation. Examples of our fields of specialty include:

Economic, Financial, and Accounting Translation
Commercial, contractual, industrial business
Legal Translation
Intellectual Property Translation
Advanced Educational Curricula Translation
Computer, Communication, and IT Translation
Scientific Translation

General Administrative and Business Translation
Furthermore, we handle all required functions for the various kinds of reports, including translation, proofreading, editing, formatting and designing for the entire report, from the cover page to the last page. Moreover, we can provide the printing services for the report if the client requires so.
Conference Interpreting

Be it a small meeting or a big conference, local or international, we are always ready to offer professional interpretation services with different options to satisfy different needs. Our interpreters are highly qualified and have worked for years in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in all fields that include but is not limited to: Economics, Banking and Finance, Human Rights, Law, Judiciary, Management, Hospitals (JCIA), Political Development, Environment, Parliamentary Affairs, Education, Human Resources,, Medical and Post-conflict matters. The following services are offered:

Conference simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting for small meetings
Consecutive interpreting in field visits
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