Integrating our translators’ distinguished experience with  the latest technology and Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures makes Abu Shaiba

Legal Translation

one of the most reliable translation firms in the Arab world.
To maintain a high standard of quality, each document is processed through the following stages to ensure strict control on quality and timely delivery:
TRANSLATION: Jobs are distributed to translators based on their special expertise. They are required to complete the translation within a time frame that allows for subsequent phases of work.
EDITING: Each translated job is reviewed and edited to ensure accuracy and consistency of the material.
QUALITY CONTROL: As a final assurance of consistency and readability, highly trained quality controllers review the output material for soundness of the language and quality.
FORMATTING: Skilled support staff review the formatting of the translated documents to ensure that they match the original documents and to make sure that the overall appearance is formatted to a high standard.
DELIVERY: The translation is delivered according to pre-set priority schedules, based on client requirements. It can be delivered in hard copy or in any electronic form, as required.
Our Work Methology
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