About Us
The pioneer providers of

English/Arabic Translation Services

, since 2004

Superior Quality. Professional editors check every translated work to achieve the highest quality possible. We are known for our high quality translations. We use the services of only native speakers who are professional and experienced translators with extensive knowledge of relevant fields. Moreover, we keep translation memories and terminology glossaries to maximize terminology consistency and translation accuracy.

Our highly educated native linguists, originally from many corners of the Arabic Countries, master the Arabic language and can work with all 22 different Arabic dialects.

On-site translation and interpretation (ability to travel to your site anywhere in the UAE)
Experienced Native Arabic Translators/Interpreters, web designers and DTP specialists

Proven expertise in all fields of translation, localization and interpreting
Quality translation and editing process on all projects
Rapid response and delivery - Overnight electronic delivery of small projects
Follow up procedure to ensure client satisfaction

Professional hardware and bilingual software to meet all your needs
Balanced quotes within 2-3 hours (during business hours)
Ability to work with any electronic file (PC), hardcopies or faxes
We use Modern Standard Arabic (Classical) - & Most Arabic Dialects :
Egyptian, Syrian, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Iraqi, Qatari, Sudanese, Lebanese and Local LNGUAGE OF UAE…
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